Every Recipe From the Bon Appétit 56

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Bon Appétit printed its first issue in 1956, and since then our food editors and contributors have gone on to develop thousands of recipes. It may be impossible at this point for any one person to cook through the entire archive, so instead the editors have created the Bon Appétit 56: A comprehensive list of the 56 dishes absolutely worth your time and attention this year.

Some of the dishes featured may already be cornerstones in your repertoire, like garlicky whole roast chicken or the stunningly simple chocolate sheet cake with brown butter frosting. Others are modern classics like lamb keema tacos and gorgeous green shrimp.

Working through these recipes, you’ll be introduced to techniques like mixing and proofing ridiculously easy focaccia, perfecting the jammy egg, or braising a whole brisket for the most tender meat imaginable. It’s no doubt that making these dishes will make you a better home cook. So fire up the range and lasso your apron, you’ve got some cooking to do.

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